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Introducing a new look for Siteline

Today, Siteline is excited to introduce our new brand. We’re the same powerful product you know and trust, but with a bold new look.

Over 2 years ago, our founders set off on a mission to reimagine construction finance for the modern contractor. Since then our team has been hyper-focused on building top-tier tools and workflows to help trade contractors save time and grow faster, and we’ve been thrilled to see the impact our product has had across the industry. But it’s been a while since we’ve focused inward. Now, we’ve taken the time to examine how our own brand’s look and feel reflects the company we are today—and we can’t wait to share the result.

The shape of things to come

In every industry, there are iconic logos that represent more than just a business; they symbolize a product’s purpose and what a company stands for. Inspired by the most trusted tools in construction—from a Milwaukee Hammer Drill to a DeWalt Miter Saw—we wanted our logo to reflect the qualities that make Siteline invaluable to our customers: reliability, efficiency, precision. With those principles in mind we built our new logo from the ground up, using strong, sharp 45° and 90° angles. The open square in the center represents Siteline’s role as a central hub for information and collaboration—a window of visibility, or a sightline if you will. And as our product scales seamlessly for contractors of different sizes and trades, our new logo scales neatly to any size and surface.

Our true colors shining through

Siteline’s core product may be software, but our customers’ work is deeply rooted in the physical world. So that’s where we started in our process to identify a brand color, and from all directions our path led us to the color orange.

From safety vests to traffic cones, orange is conspicuous throughout construction zones and job sites. Orange’s stark contrast with the natural palette of common building materials and the sky’s azure blue make it uniquely visible in the industrial landscape. That attribute stuck with us because visibility is fundamental to the value we bring our customers. Having reliable insight into their billing process, payment status, and activity history empowers contractors to operate more efficiently and effectively. For us, orange is not only a classic symbol of construction but also a reminder of the importance of visibility.

Siteline's new orange accent is inspired by the high-visibility color used on job sites

Of course, orange wouldn’t be a useful safety color in a world of neon. For the same reason, our design system uses it sparingly alongside the navy, white, and cobalt blue you’re familiar with in our product already. You'll see it throughout our branding not as an omnipresent primary element, but rather an accent that draws the eye when needed.

Bold new look, same familiar product

We know that our customers choose Siteline not only for its functionality, but also its dependability. While we’re excited about this evolution of our brand, we’ve also ensured it doesn’t interfere with the workflows and patterns our users trust. If you’re already using Siteline, the only place you’ll likely notice a change is in the top bar on the website; everything else will look and work the same way it did before. You can be confident that with this refresh of the brand, our foremost priority remains the same as always: helping you spend less time on billing, and more time on building.

Special thanks to J.D. Reeves, Sung-Duk Kang, and Oliver Manheim for their hard work bringing this to life!

@ Siteline

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