Frequently Asked Questions

What does the setup process look like?

We handle all the heavy lifting when it comes to setup, so it only takes 5 minutes for you. When you land a new project, you’ll just upload your project info and pay app forms to Siteline through our onboarding survey. Our team will take that information and set up the project and schedule of values for you. Each month, your team will go through the standard workflow in Siteline and update the billing amounts, collect lower-tier lien waivers and attach any necessary backup documentation. With the click of a button, Siteline will autofill and compile the project-specific forms, along with any additional documentation you need to get paid each month.

Does setup have to happen at the start of a project?

Nope. You can onboard projects at any stage, whether it's your first or final month of billing.

We already have an accounting software that handles billing. How is Siteline different?

Siteline doesn’t replace your accounting software, it enhances it. Siteline takes all of the manual work you’re doing outside of your ERP—generating project specific pay app forms, lien waivers, and collecting lower-tier lien waivers—and automates it to help you handle billing faster.

Our GC requires us to use Textura, why would I add Siteline?

Siteline helps you manage all of your billing in one place. Our integration with Textura lets you see the status of billing across all of your projects and collaborate with team members to determine what you want to bill for. All of the information is easily synced to Textura, so there’s never any double entry across systems.

I’m on a tight timeline, how long does it take to add a new project?

We have a short onboarding survey that takes about 5 minutes to complete. If the forms required for the project are already in our database—and many of the biggest GC forms are—then we’ll have your new project up and running within 6 hours. If the forms aren’t in our system yet, it can take between 24 and 72 hours depending on complexity. That said, we’ve got your back. If you’re in a bind and need a project set up faster, our support team will jump in to make it happen.

My pay app forms don't just vary by GC. Sometimes they vary by project manager. Does it make sense to add the varying forms to Siteline?

Definitely. If the forms are slightly different from your other projects, we’ll make adjustments so that Siteline outputs the correct documents each month. That way your team won't have to worry about filling out the forms correctly, double checking that the right documents are included, or keeping track of the status of the pay app—it will all be handled by Siteline automatically.

How do you handle retention?

We know there are endless ways to calculate retention and each GC has its own process. We've built our system to be flexible, so you can adjust retention for the overall pay app, for each line item, or for certain periods of time. And with Siteline, you’ll never have to worry about miscalculations or missteps in timing.

What benefits do people see from using Siteline?

We built Siteline to solve the most common challenges contractors face when it comes to getting paid. So each of our customers has their own perspective on what they love most. For us, though, there are a few common threads:

Time back in your day
Your time is precious. Siteline saves you the hours of manual entry and tedious double checking by automating form entry, simplifying billing management and compiling pay apps instantly.

Peace of mind
With so much manual work involved in even the simplest construction billing processes, a small, honest mistake can hold up millions of dollars in cash flow. Siteline helps you prevent missteps proactively, and solve any last-minute fire drills with a few quick clicks.

Better visibility
With Siteline, all of your billing and compliance information is at your fingertips, instead of being siloed in separate spreadsheets. Just a quick glance at the homepage and you can make sure everything is up to date and on track.

Happier teammates
It can be frustrating when teams aren’t on the same page. With Siteline, everyone has the information they need, before they even have to ask. No more emails and phone calls hounding your team to let you know what to bill for; reminders are sent through Siteline automatically, so everyone stays on track.

Got another question?

We’re always here to help. Email us at and we’ll get back to you soon.

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