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Canvas Construction

San Francisco, CA · Drywall · 35 employees
Canvas Construction is a pioneer in construction robotics, using machine learning and robots along with skilled finishers to reduce finishing time by more than 70%. Founded in 2017, Canvas uses cutting-edge technology to accelerate timelines and improve finish quality on high-visibility commercial, healthcare, and aviation projects in the Bay Area.
Up to 1 week
improvement in payment time
lien waiver-related delays

The Results

Paid up to one week faster

Conditional and unconditional lien waivers are automatically sent to the correct people every time

Zero lien waiver delays

Siteline sends reminders and automates workflows for the entire team so that everything is ready to go when it’s billing time

Keep the field & back office in sync

Our web-based platform allows the full team to access the latest billing information from anywhere: the field, the office, or from home

Nolan C.
Product Deployment Manager, Canvas

The Challenge

Connecting the field and back office for billing

Like many trade contractors, project manager Nolan Cooney and the team at Canvas were held back by outdated, manual billing processes. In the field, Canvas uses the latest in robotics operated by skilled teams of finishers to reduce finishing time from 7 days to as few as 2 days. However, Nolan and Alan Federman, VP of Finance at Canvas, quickly realized that there was a disconnect between their state-of-the-art practices in the field and their traditional invoicing process.

With the old industry standard of manually updating Excel sheets, long email chains, and hours of phone tag, simply making sure that everyone had the right information at the right time was a massive headache for Nolan and his team. Multiply that across dozens of Canvas’ projects and this was a clear obstacle to growing their business. At this scale, there were bound to be honest errors that delayed payments (even from something as simple as forgetting to copy the right person on a lien waiver).

Nolan and Alan knew they needed to find a way to stay organized so they could be proactive in making sure every single detail was checked and in the right place, well in advance of each billing cycle.

“It was hard to keep my whole team on the same page and make sure nothing slipped through the cracks. With so many emails and documents being sent back and forth, sometimes we didn’t find out that something was missing until a payment was held up.”
Nolan C.
Product Deployment Manager, Canvas

The Solution

A complete billing platform for the field and back office

Two months after moving to Siteline, Canvas lowered their payment risk and were getting paid a week faster on 33% of their jobs thanks to better visibility into billing status and automated lien waiver processes. Nolan and his team eliminated lien waiver-related payment delays and are confident that every pay application package sent to their GC partners is complete, accurate, and up to date.

“Now, we can instantly see the status of every project and how much we’ve billed on one page. It’s been crucial to keeping billings moving quickly even when our team is split between the field, the office, and working from home.”
Nolan C.
Product Deployment Manager, Canvas

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