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Architectural Glass & Aluminum

Livermore, CA · Glazing · 85 employees
AGA is one of the leading curtain wall companies in North America. Founded in 1970 and headquartered in California, AGA has helped bring to reality some of the most iconic structures in California, Hawaii, Washington, Alaska, and Texas.
Reduction in back & forth communication
Faster to compile pay apps

The Results

Faster pay apps

Burdensome pay app packages that used to take 30 minutes to compile now take 5 minutes

Greater transparency

Increased visibility into cash flow and less stress every month

Streamlined operations

Cut back-and-forth emails in half

My quality of life is much better. Adjusting billing outside of Siteline was such a headache to take care of, but you guys have made it so easy. Much less stress around fire drills.
Shanin F.
Contracts Administrator, Architectural Glass & Aluminum

The Challenge

Endless requirements to get paid

In an average month, AGA bills for 40 projects, all of which have different requirements to get paid.

With each General Contractor having a proprietary pay app form, different lien waiver submission requirements, and different compliance documents, up to 120 unique forms need to be filled out and submitted every month. Add in multiple ways to calculate retention, and that's a massive headache to simply keep all the requirements straight.

AGA’s rockstar Contract Administrator, Shanin Foster, juggles all of their pay applications and handles the monthly fire drills around billing. But as the company continues to grow, they’ve realized their billing process will not scale. Cashflow is the lifeline of their business, so under the leadership of forward-thinking Vice President Jeff Scalisi, AGA decided to invest in a solution to streamline the billing process.

It's frustrating that there are so many GCs and each one breaks it down differently or has different package requirements.
Shanin F.
Contracts Administrator, Architectural Glass & Aluminum

The Solution

Streamlining the billing process

AGA now bills all of their projects through Siteline using Siteline's easy process for updating invoices, attaching backup, and auto-generating forms.

Their 20 project managers were able to hit the ground running without any training because Siteline is so intuitive and easy to use, and now use the platform every billing cycle to proactively keep their project billings up-to-date. The back office is no longer chasing down the field to update billing amounts, eliminating the ping pong back and forth of spreadsheets over email.

“My boss is thrilled we jumped on this. It's easy for project execs and PMs: they don't have to pull PDFs, redline them, and send them back, so it saves them a bunch of time. It's a happy team over here.”
Shanin F.
Contracts Administrator, Architectural Glass & Aluminum

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