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case study

Acme Erectors

Structural Steel and Rigging
Acme Erectors, a leading Midwest steel specialty contractor, sought a streamlined solution to replace their paper-heavy payment and compliance tracking processes. By partnering with Siteline, Acme’s VP of Operations enabled the company to gain greater visibility into its cash flow, resulting in a 25% reduction in days sales outstanding (DSO), from 77 to 58 days.
reduction in A/R aging
increase in billing volume

The Challenge

Acme Erectors, like many commercial subcontracting companies, grappled with labor-intensive, manual processes for managing payment applications and compliance documents. Their reliance on Excel spreadsheets, in particular, led to frequent pay application errors and revisions, resulting in delayed payments. Moreover, the absence of a centralized system for tracking compliance documentation posed a significant challenge in ensuring all requirements were met.

Seeking a solution to streamline their billing workflows, reduce errors, and improve compliance tracking, Acme Erectors turned to Siteline. This transition aligned with a broader recognition of the need for more modernization within the company. As Acme’s VP of Operations, Josh Wilson, put it, “There’s a reluctance in the construction industry, especially in steel erection, to embrace new technologies. We tend to stick to the old ways. But I’m passionate about improving our company’s processes and systems, and Siteline was another opportunity to do just that.”

"I'm passionate about improving our company's processes and systems, and Siteline was another opportunity to do just that."
Josh W.
VP of Operations
Acme Erectors

The Solution

Upon witnessing Siteline’s capabilities firsthand, Wilson’s initial skepticism turned into enthusiasm. He was also especially impressed with how easy it was to launch the system and integrate it with their current projects and financial workflows. “Siteline’s support team was the most responsive we’ve ever worked with,” stated Wilson. “We were able to successfully onboard over 100 projects within a span of two months.”

Siteline’s intuitive interface proved to be another major selling point. “With Siteline, anyone can become a billing expert with very little training.” This user-friendliness has empowered Acme’s project managers (PMs) to take a more active role in the billing and collections process, fostering a shared understanding of payment statuses and responsibilities across the team. This increased collaboration has minimized reliance on the back office, improved cross-team communication, and accelerated Acme’s ability to address and collect outstanding payments.

Additionally, Siteline's comprehensive compliance tracking features automated and centralized the management of crucial documents like lien waivers and certificates of insurance. This streamlined process ensures all necessary documentation is readily accessible and accounted for with each payment application, resulting in fewer revisions and healthier, more predictable cash flow.

“Siteline’s support team was the most responsive we’ve ever worked with. We were able to successfully onboard over 100 projects within a span of two months.”
Josh W.
VP of Operations
Acme Erectors

The Results

By enhancing visibility into financial operations, fostering collaboration across project and back-office teams, and automating previously manual processes, Acme Erectors has reduced its A/R aging from 77 days to 58 days—a 25% improvement in its DSO. This result stems directly from the significant efficiency gains and operational improvements enabled by Siteline, which include the following.

Streamlined Revisions

Previously a cumbersome task, revisions are now swiftly addressed within Siteline, ensuring billing deadlines are consistently met. As Wilson explained, “Siteline makes it easier to identify and fix revisions, especially in AIA billing, where we often only learn about them later.”

Increased Billing Visibility and Volume

The enhanced visibility into billing has enabled PMs to take a more proactive, hands-on approach to collections, fostering a healthy sense of competition. Consequently, Acme has witnessed a 10% increase in monthly billing volume, translating to faster cash flow for the company. “We can all see stuff in Siteline that we didn’t even realize we were missing, Wilson noted. “We celebrate the PM who bills the most across their projects, which has been great for cash flow and camaraderie.”

Real-Time Reporting for Improved Collections

Siteline has replaced Acme’s twice-monthly aging reports with real-time invoice status tracking accessible from any device. This has empowered Wilson and other stakeholders to monitor outstanding invoices and leverage this information during negotiations. “When a GC asks for something, and you can pull out your phone to show them they haven’t paid you in four months, they magically pay you the next day,” explained Wilson. “We didn’t have the same access to this information before Siteline.”

Airtight Compliance

Siteline’s automated compliance features have transformed how Acme handles critical documents like lien waivers. By proactively submitting the waivers on all projects, the company has significantly reduced pay application rejections, minimized financial risks, and further streamlined its A/R process for smoother operations and stronger cash flow.

"Siteline provides me with a comprehensive overview of our billing status without having to individualize or drill down into details for the information I need. It makes my life so much easier."
Joshua W.
VP of Operations
Acme Erectors

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