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Built for Subcontractors

Construction Billing Software for Trade Contractors

Generate, submit, and manage pay apps—precisely to each GC’s specs—to eliminate payment delays.
The Only Pay App Tool Built for Subcontractors
weeks paid faster
days saved per month 
faster billing workflow
cut in pay app revisions
Subcontractors have billed $1B+ across 10,000+ projects with Siteline
“My quality of life is much better. Adjusting billing outside of Siteline was such a headache, but Siteline has made it so easy. No more fire drills.”

Get Paid Faster, More Efficiently

Your team assembles and submits monthly pay apps for every project. If anything is missing, expired, or incorrect, the GCs kick them back. And it’s a fire drill to fix them and resubmit.

No wonder only 5% of subcontractors are always paid on time. Siteline is for the other 95%.

The Old Way of Billing
30+ minutes per pay app
Slow, manual workflows
Invoices aging 90+ days
Missed draws
Uncollected retention
Decreased working capital
The Siteline Way
<5 minutes per pay app
6x faster billing workflow
Paid 3 weeks faster
On-time, accurate billing
Everything tracked and collected
Healthy, predictable cash flow

Your Central Hub for All Things A/R

Centralize and visualize your entire billing workflow. From PMs to CFOs, the team collaborates on billing and manages all pay apps within Siteline, unlocking visibility, enabling new efficiencies, and optimizing communication.

Pay Apps

Custom Pay Apps

Generate and submit payment applications—precisely to the client’s specifications and complete with digital signatures—in under five minutes. 

Compliance Document Tracking

Make payment delays due to missing certificates of insurance a thing of the past. Siteline tracks all compliance requirements to make sure you never miss a to-do.
Change Orders

Change Order Tracking

Track the status of your unapproved change orders. Know which ones are proceeding with work anyway, and ensure that approved ones are added to your SOV.
Lien Waivers

Lien Waiver Collection and Management

Getting pay app rejections due to missing lower-tier lien waivers? Not anymore! Siteline generates and sends the waivers, automates reminders and collections, and tracks the status of everything.

A/R Reporting

Get complete and real-time visibility into the financial health of your company. Use Siteline’s visual reporting to see average invoice aging, the status of your current billing, and which GCs pay the fastest and slowest.

Billing and Cash Flow Forecasts

Quickly create and manage billing projections and cash flow forecasts throughout the duration of your projects, making it easier to anticipate payment dates, track billing against your goals, and monitor your backlog
“Before Siteline, 15% of our pay apps were kicked back for math errors, and we’d have at least a three-week payment delay. Siteline eliminates those errors. ”

Fully Integrated and Streamlined

Your accounting system and GC payment portals don't talk to each other, but Siteline does! Dump your spreadsheets and say “goodbye” to double data entry. Siteline integrates with your accounting system and GC payment portals to create a fully streamlined billing workflow.

The Power of Collaborative Billing

Accounting Teams
Replace spreadsheets, PDFs, and paperwork with an efficient and centralized way to manage all pay apps, compliance requirements, and lien waivers.
See your A/R like never before. View the status of every invoice, visualize aging, forecast backlog, and know your best clients.
Project Managers
Stay focused on builds—not cumbersome billing worksheets. Siteline saves even the savviest PM hours each month on billing.
“Siteline is built for trade contractors. We didn’t have to personalize the system or map stuff. The digitized forms look precisely like our paper versions. A huge win!”
Any Form. Any Time.
Submit payment applications to your clients using fully digitized versions of their exact forms. We have more than 4,200 lien waiver and pay app forms from more than 2,500 GCs in our system, and we're adding more every day.

Ready to end the fire drill and get paid faster?

Replace the spreadsheets and runarounds with Siteline, and see your invoice aging improve by at least 30%.
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