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Washington Iron Works

Gardena, CA · Architectural Metals · 250 employees
Washington Iron Works (WIW) is a premier provider of miscellaneous and architectural metals for building trades. The company has delivered high-profile metals to such signature projects as the Getty Center, the Staples Center, LA Live, and the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Expansion.
3 days
From sign-up to billing first project
10 minutes
Time to train PMs

The Results

Started billing within 3 days of logging into Siteline

WIW signed up for Siteline, and within 3 business days, synced their first pay app. “Learning Siteline was quick and easy,” said Jeff Powell, CFO of Washington Iron Works.

Quickly ramped even the busiest team members

Initially, the WIW team had concerns about corralling their busy project managers together for training. Thankfully, with Siteline, that wasn’t necessary. While Siteline offers extensive training, most teams pick it up quickly and without any formal onboarding—as was the case with WIW’s PMs.

“Norma walked the PMs through it on the phone, and they figured it out the first time within 10 minutes,” said CFO Jeff Powell, who was able to learn Siteline just as fast as the PMs. In fact, he picked it up so quickly that he was able to cover the entire A/R process during billing week so that Norma could take a vacation.

Started billing without any heavy lifting on their part

Most software isn’t purpose-built for construction, and very few systems are designed specifically for trade contractors—which means there’s often a lot of customization involved. As a result, software implementation projects can span years and even require expensive outside consultants. But, that’s not the case with Siteline.

“We love that Siteline is built for trade contractors,” said Norma Rivera, A/R Specialist. “We didn’t have to do anything to personalize the system or map stuff…The digitized forms look precisely like our paper versions. That was a huge win!”

“Onboarding with Siteline was fast and easy. We had everyone quickly ramped, so I was able to go on vacation—during billing week!”
Norma Rivera
Accounts Receivable
Washington Iron Works

The Challenge

Prior to Siteline, Norma would spend a day preparing and printing more than 40+ schedules of values (SOVs). The project managers would take a break from the field to update all of the SOVs with the current month’s billing percentages. After numerous phone calls and email reminders, Norma would collect all of the paper documents. Next, she’d create the pay app packages per the various general contractors’ requirements. Once she submitted all of the pay applications and lien waivers, she’d update her accounting system, Sage 300CRE. In the middle of all of this, she would make sure their compliance documents, like workers comp and insurance certificates, were up to date.

Norma is the mastermind behind WIW’s monthly billing process. Each client has different requirements, and without Norma, it’d be a time-consuming and frustrating endeavor to gather all of the correct requirements. If Norma took time off around the billing period, she would have to create a billing list with instructions for Jeff who would then need to drop all of his responsibilities and spend more than a week tackling the billing process.

“Before Siteline, we’d walk 15 minutes to the main office to deliver a stack of SOVs for the PMs to update. We’d walk another 15 minutes the next day to pick them up…We were printing a lot of paper and working on different spreadsheets with different formats for every PM.”
Norma Rivera
Accounts Receivable
Washington Iron Works

The Solution

Norma and Jeff knew their billing process was inefficient, but they didn’t realize there was a better way. That is until Siteline reached out to them. Initially, the team at WIW was skeptical of Siteline’s promise but ultimately agreed to a demo.

Seeing is believing, and Jeff and Norma were impressed with what they saw. “We honestly didn’t believe it would happen so fast,” said Norma. “But we made so much progress in the first month alone.”

Thanks to Siteline’s integrations as well as a dedicated Construction Solutions Manager, WIW was fully onboarded within two billing cycles. “It felt like we had another employee on our team," said Norma. “Our Construction Solutions Manager was a huge help…She took into consideration everything from the minute our contract began.”

Within two training sessions (less than a two-hour commitment) and two billing cycles, Norma was a super user. She was able to go on vacation during billing week, and Jeff took over the billing process seamlessly. He was up and running with a single training session. Even better: He didn’t have to spend hours putting together documentation to get Norma back up to speed when she returned. What was completed and what’s outstanding is presented clearly within Siteline.

Now that WIW is fully onboarding and using Siteline extensively, they’re big-time believers. “We’re saving at least 15 minutes per pay app in the creation process alone,” said Jeff. “We don’t need to send all the emails and make a bunch of calls. There’s less paper and less walking back and forth.”

Thanks to Siteline, Norma herself is saving two entire days per month on billing. That means, there’s significantly less back-and-forth with the PMs, and she’s submitting pay apps to their clients sooner. With all of that time savings, Norma is able to focus on more impactful things for the business. And when the day comes that Norma is ready to retire, she feels confident that the handing-off process will be smooth and efficient.

"It felt like we had another employee on our team...Our Construction Solutions Manager took into consideration everything from the minute our contract began.”
Norma Rivera
Accounts Receivable
Washington Iron Works

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