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Connect Siteline to your existing systems to streamline and visualize your A/R.

Collaborative Billing

Use Siteline to enable collaboration between your field and office. Both your project and accounting teams use Siteline to complete the monthly billing workflow, enabling transparency and efficiency.

Painless Revisions

Pay app revisions in your ERP can be a wonky, manual workflow that can create credits and debits in your account. Siteline simplifies revisions. Update pay apps in seconds, then once finalized by the GC, sync billing info over to your ERP. No more messed-up general ledgers!

Real-Time Visibility

Siteline augments your ERP data with detailed A/R metrics, providing complete and real-time visibility into your company’s cash flow. Leadership no longer needs to wait til the monthly accounting meeting to see A/R aging or which PM is behind on billing. And accounting teams no longer need to spend hours assembling reports for that same meeting.

Essential Coverage

With Siteline, if you know how to bill for one project, you know how to bill for all projects. Most teams pick up our software in under 30 minutes. Whether people are out sick or on vacation, there’s always coverage.

Anywhere Access

Because Siteline is web-based and also optimized for tablets, you can access it anywhere, anytime, from any device, and always have the latest information.
“The seamless syncing between Sage 100 and Siteline is a huge benefit in that it eliminates human error and saves us countless amounts of time.”
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