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case study

The Baumgardner Group

Egg Harbor Township, NJ
Multiple Trades
The Baumgardner Group comprises three specialized trade contractors: Baumgardner Finishings Co., Guthrie Glass & Metal, and Palermo-BFC Masonry—specializing in flooring and finishes, glass and glazing, and masonry, respectively. With a wealth of experience spanning over 70 years, The Baumgardner Group has established itself as a dependable and trusted partner in the construction industry, delivering projects of various sizes and complexities across the eastern US in the commercial and healthcare industry.
5 Hours
Per month saved on data entry
20 hours
Per month saved on billing meetings

The Challenge

In pursuit of ambitious goals, the Baumgardner team embarked on a quest to find a tool capable of safeguarding its billing process. As the business experienced significant growth, the team became acutely aware that their manual billing system was inadequate in terms of scalability.

Samantha, The Baumgardner Group’s Accounts Receivable Administrator, would spend hours each month painstakingly printing out billing forms for every project manager. After multiple rounds of emails, phone calls, and markups, Samantha would then collect the billing forms, check that every single GC-specific pay app page was in order, and carefully compile each billing package. After submitting the pay apps, she would then have to ensure that Sage 100 was up to date, line by line, with the latest billing amounts. Not only did this process eat up hours each month, but it was also naturally susceptible to errors due to so many manual steps involved.

In an attempt to streamline their workflow, the team implemented a tool that promised to integrate with Sage 100. While the tool helped with waivers and project manager collaboration, it still required manual data entry into Sage 100, causing redundant work and increasing risks of error. To ensure accuracy, the team had to cross-reference and compare information between the insufficient tool and Sage 100, resulting in additional time spent on reconciliation. After dealing with the subpar process for a while and this tool failing to deliver on its integration promise, the team decided to look for an integrated solution for their A/R workflow.

“[Before Siteline] we had to manually enter everything from another tool into Sage 100—and that was our big beef…As we grow, we can’t have duplicate work.”
Jean F.
The Baumgardner Group

The Solution

The Baumgardner Group initially chose Siteline because of its Sage 100 integration, but they were quickly impressed with and adopted all of Siteline’s features and capabilities, like pay app tracking and submission as well as team collaboration.

Siteline’s training and customer support made onboarding incredibly easy. Although the billing team was initially hesitant to introduce a new tool to the project managers, they were pleasantly surprised at how receptive the PMs were. They found Siteline to be intuitive and user-friendly.

Even better, according to Jean, “We don’t have to remind [the PMs] to complete their billing.” Previously, the team held a one-hour meeting with all of the 18 project managers and estimators halfway through the month to discuss billing. Now, all of the project managers simply update Siteline, freeing up an hour of everyone’s time (cumulative 20 hours) to focus on delivering their projects to the highest of standards.

“Our project managers have readily adopted Siteline. They like to see where their billing stands with just a few clicks, plus receive email notifications when billing is due,” added Jean.

The team has also been impressed with Siteline’s commitment to customer service. Samantha Meyers, Accounts Receivable Administrator, said, “Whenever there has been an issue or an idea that we present to the Siteline team, they are quick to respond and address the issue in a timely manner... We have worked with Siteline on some features that we specifically needed, and they did not disappoint in making our vision a reality!”

“We cannot say enough great things about the Siteline team, and we look forward to using all of the features they offer.”
Jean F.
The Baumgardner Group

The Results

Powerful integrations streamline billing

Three key features that The Baumgardner Group really loves are:

  1. Seamless syncing to Sage 100 Contractor
  2. The ability to easily separate their monthly billing into two distinct general ledger accounts
  3. The ability to quickly reverse any submitted invoices

“Also, Sage 100 Contractor doesn’t integrate with GC payment portals, so that integration is an added plus. The list goes on and on!” said James Baumgardner, CFO.

Time saved and errors eliminated on data entry

Previously, the Baumgardner team would spend 15 minutes per project per month manually entering billing information into Sage 100. This was done across three companies with roughly 60 billings per month; that’s 15 hours of data entry alone! Additionally, the Baumgardner team would spend over an hour each month cross-referencing the data in Sage 100 against their pay apps for accuracy. With the Siteline to Sage 100 Contractor integration, the Baumgardner team has eliminated the need for manual data entry into Sage 100, thereby saving 5 hours per month.

“We have three companies with an average of 80 AIA billings a month. We switched to using Siteline primarily for its Sage 100 Contractor integration,” said Jean Ficken, Controller at Baumgardner. “The seamless syncing between the two is a huge benefit…it eliminates human error and saves us countless amounts of time.”

“The seamless syncing between Sage 100 and Siteline is a huge benefit in that it eliminates human error and saves us countless amounts of time.”
Jean F.
The Baumgardner Group

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