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Foundation Software
Foundation Software

Foundation Software


Connect Siteline to your Foundation Software instance to increase billing efficiency and visibility.
Real-time A/R visibility
30% reduction in A/R aging
6x billing efficiency

Trusted by trade contractors across the country

Bill faster

Stop the spreadsheet silos. Siteline replaces manual billing workflows with a streamlined solution that talks to  Foundation Software. No more double data entry, wrong files, or incorrect formulas slowing you down.

Get the facts now

Stop wasting hours running reports or waiting until a monthly meeting to react to information. Siteline’s out-of-the-box reporting provides real-time visibility into your aging across projects, divisions, PMs, and clients.

Work together, earn together

Siteline improves collaboration between the field and back office, enabling teams to update SOVs, create and submit pay apps, leave comments, track revisions, and auto-send reminders in one place.

Streamline Your Billing Workflow
Due to GCs' many custom forms and nuanced submission requirements, subs are forced to manage pay apps and lien waivers via spreadsheets, PDFs, emails, and phone calls. Siteline replaces that manual and error-prone workflow, connecting to Foundation Software to enable 6x billing efficiency.
“Every other integration we’ve tried has been difficult, but Siteline does it very well! It’s such a time savings.”

Foundation Software-Siteline Integration Details

Siteline and Foundation Software have a two-way instant integration. This means that:

Project information, SOVs, and change orders flow from Foundation Software into Siteline.


Billing amounts flow from Siteline into Foundation Software.

Foundation Software
“Siteline fills in all the cracks so nothing falls through. It gives us a complete and accurate picture of the status of every job at that moment.”

Ready to streamline billing?

Connect Siteline with Foundation Software to replace manual billing workflows. See your efficiency improve by 6x and your invoice aging decrease by 30%.
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