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Industrial Commercial Systems

Vista, CA · Mechanical · 191 employees
Industrial Commercial Systems (ICS) is a premier mechanical contractor in the greater San Diego Area. Founded in 1982, ICS has delivered high profile mechanical systems to the region’s booming biotech hub, federal/military buildings, and industrial facilities.
5x faster
vendor lien waiver collections
12 days
saved every year

The Results

Collecting vendor lien waivers has never been easier

Using Siteline's automated process, Eileen Harbin (Accounts Receivable, ICS) requested 86 lien waivers in a single day, and 247 lien waivers in a single month — all without breaking a sweat. She now spends 5x less time requesting lien waivers than before Siteline.

Ready 1 week earlier

“When I see a payment come through from the GC, I begin collecting the lower-tier lien waivers immediately. Then I get the lien waiver 7-10 days before I need it.”
– Eileen Harbin

GCs love it

“I have GCs saying, ‘Okay, we know you’re on top of your waivers,’ because they can immediately look at the email package and see which vendors and what types of waivers are included in the email and quickly update their own tracking system.”
– Eileen Harbin

I no longer need to be in a fire drill situation to collect all those lien waivers — and we can get everything sent to the GC faster!
Eileen Harbin
Accounts Receivable, Industrial Commercial Systems

The Challenge

Collecting monthly vendor lien waivers (200+ every month!)

In addition to submitting their own lien waiver to the GC, ICS has to collect lien waivers from their vendors.  Vendors that file a preliminary notice have to submit a Conditional Progress and Unconditional Progress Lien Waivers every month for the duration of a job. It’s difficult to keep track of all the vendors that submitted a pre-lien on a project, especially when a vendor doesn’t bill in a given month and ICS is billing for an average of 25-35 jobs every month.

Missing just one $0 lien waiver can and does put the payment on hold. When ICS has to manually track hundreds of lien waivers each month, it’s easy to see how a single waiver could get lost in the fold.

Eileen juggles everything that goes into a pay app. As ICS added more projects and began to expand, it meant more time was spent hounding their vendors to return timely lien waivers, instead of focusing on the bigger picture and growing the business strategically.  Requesting lien waivers from vendors could take up to an hour for each project, every month — now it only takes 5-10 minutes for every project every month.

It’s so easy to see all of my information in Siteline — I can quickly see which vendors we need to collect lien waivers from, and it’s much easier to do that on Siteline than with our ERP system.
Eileen Harbin
Accounts Receivable, Industrial Commercial Systems

The Solution

A platform to request, track, and submit vendor lien waivers

After moving to Siteline, ICS reduced the time spent on collecting lien waivers by an entire day (8 hours!) every month. With Siteline, ICS can view lien waivers by project and by vendor to help stay organized. ICS can request a vendor lien waiver with the click of a button; the vendor then receives an email with a link to sign digitally in Siteline. All lien waivers (Conditional Progress, Unconditional Progress, Conditional Final and Unconditional Final) are automatically populated, saving time and reducing manual errors from filling in paperwork.

Siteline decreases the amount of time spent crosschecking so ICS can focus on the things that really matter, like growing their business.

Siteline helps collect lower-tier lien waivers quicker because with a click of a button I can remind and resend requests.
Eileen Harbin
Accounts Receivable, Industrial Commercial Systems

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