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Procore Pay
Procore Pay

Procore Pay


Connect Siteline to your Procore Pay instance to increase billing efficiency and visibility.
Real-time A/R visibility
30% reduction in A/R aging
6x billing efficiency

Trusted by trade contractors across the country

Centralize pay app management

Different clients require submissions to different portals, forcing you to manage invoices across systems. Siteline connects to those portals, enabling you to centralize billing and see all pay apps in one view.

Bill faster

Get rid of your spreadsheet silos. Siteline replaces manual billing workflows with a streamlined, fully integrated solution. No more double data entry, wrong versions of files, or broken formulas slowing you down.

Work together, earn together

Siteline improves collaboration between the field and back office, enabling teams to update SOVs, create and submit pay apps, leave comments, track revisions, and auto-send reminders in one place.

Streamline Your Billing Workflow
Because every GC has different submission requirements, there’s never been a centralized way to manage payment applications and lien waivers. Teams have historically relied on emails, phone calls, and spreadsheets to manage progress billings. Until now! Siteline replaces manual, error-prone workflows to streamline billing and get subs paid faster.
“Siteline has been a game changer. Its seamless integration with GC portals (along with its user-friendly interface and robust features) has significantly enhanced our billing and payment operations.”

Procore Pay-Siteline Integration Details

Siteline and Procore Pay have a two-way instant integration. This means that:

You send your GC a request to invite a Siteline account to their Procore directory—the same way they would if a new project manager joined your team, with the same permissions.


You request that the GC install the Agave API app from the Procore Marketplace (if they don’t already have it installed).


Project information, SOVs, and change orders flow from Procore Pay into Siteline.


You update invoices and generate payment applications in Siteline. Final payment application information flows over to Procore.


You go back into Procore to sign and submit the pay app.

Procore Pay
“I have not worked with another group as responsive to feedback as you all have been. It’s a pleasure working with a company that walks the walk on customer service.”

Ready to streamline billing?

Connect Siteline with Procore Pay to replace manual billing workflows. See billing efficiency improve by 6x and A/R aging decrease by 30%.
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