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Construction glossary

What are Canned Reports?

Canned reports are predefined reports that provide information about various construction processes. Unlike ad-hoc reports—which are customized each time they’re run—canned reports follow standard layouts and include pre-set fields that provide consistent information on an ongoing basis. Subcontractor account teams can set these fields to include data related to project progress, labor costs, equipment utilization, material usage, safety incidents—anything that they frequently compile for their analysis or are required to report to other stakeholders.

The key benefit of canned reports is having regularly scheduled visibility into key metrics and insights without recreating the same reports and analyses each time. This enables subcontractor accounting teams to focus less on compiling data and more on strategic analysis and monitoring. Furthermore, they provide quick, comprehensive visibility into a company’s financial processes to help accountants identify issues early on, analyze costs and variances, validate invoices, and ensure compliance on an ongoing basis.

Canned reports are typically generated from construction project management or accounting software. However, when it comes to accounts receivable (A/R) and billing reporting, Siteline takes the cake. With Siteline, subcontractors can easily:

  • View the status of all their pay apps—filterable by various project details—to stay on top of collections.
  • Track and compare GC payment times and benchmark their performance to inform bid prices.
  • Analyze overhead costs and cash flow health to optimize financial performance.
  • Evaluate A/R performance by office and project manager to identify successes and opportunities.

See for yourself! Schedule a personalized Siteline demo today and learn how our A/R and billing reporting capabilities can strengthen your construction business.