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Save time and cut risk with Siteline’s Change Order Log

Today, Siteline is announcing a major new feature to further help trade contractors manage their billing. You can now rely on the same first-rate platform that streamlines your pay apps for a new purpose: seamlessly managing change orders. With our powerful, easy-to-use change order log, you’ll always know where your money stands—which means less risk to your bottom line.

Dude, where’s my cash?

Why are we tackling change orders? Not only do they pop up on almost every job, but we also know how deeply tied they are to subcontractors’ cash flow. Late submissions, incorrect paperwork, and missing backup can all mean rejected change orders. At best, that’s a delay in payment; often, it’s money down the drain. Even when the process works, it’s time-consuming and error-prone. We’ve seen teams spend dozens of hours reviewing spreadsheets and hunting down status updates. One customer put it plainly: “I kind of cringe every time we have to do a change order.”

Change (orders) we can believe in

So how can you ensure your team is submitting accurate, timely change order requests? Siteline’s change order log makes it easy. In a few clicks, you can compile whatever forms and backup your GC requires, sign and submit professional paperwork, and add approved line items to the SOV. It’s easy to review coworkers’ changes, leave internal notes, and hand off tasks between departments. And best of all, your entire team has round-the-clock visibility into the status of every change order, the sum total of outstanding requests, and the paper trail of all activity and backup.

Create change order requests easily

As industry trends shift and change orders grow in frequency and scope, it’s more important than ever that your company has the tools to stay not just on top of, but one step ahead of the curve. Now, you can set yourselves up for success by managing change orders on Siteline, and rest easy knowing the process is humming along—and all your data is just a click away.

Getting started

Ready to get ahead of your change order process? If you’re already using Siteline to streamline your billing process, you can start managing your change order logs today. If your team isn’t on Siteline yet, give us an email or call and we’d love to get you set up.

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