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Top 34 Concrete Contractors in 2024

Concrete contractors are one of the first teams involved onsite in building projects and often one of the last. Their responsibilities encompass a wide range of tasks, including:

  • pouring foundations,
  • constructing buildings,
  • applying concrete finishes,
  • building retaining walls, and
  • laying driveways and parking garages.

Additionally, some concrete experts also provide valuable input during the design and pre-construction stages. 

Concrete is the second most-used substance in the world, so it’s no surprise that the concrete industry generated $72.6 billion last year. What is surprising is that annual revenue was down 6.4% from 2022. This decline could be attributed to several factors, such as economic fluctuations, changes in construction activity, and supply chain disruptions. Nevertheless, there is good news ahead for concrete contractors as the industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11% by 2027, according to Reliable Business Insights. This positive trend presents an opportunity for concrete contractors to grow their businesses and contribute to the industry's overall growth.

34 of the Biggest Contractors in Concrete 

Of the more than 87,000 concrete contractors in the country, many of them are still thriving. To track their success, three sources are commonly used:

However, when you dig into these three sources, you will find a lot of variance, leaving the question… which concrete contractors are the best?  

To answer this question, we combed through these lists and identified the companies that were consistently recognized and pulling their ranks in the industry. After careful analysis, we found 34 concrete contractors across all three lists that generate more than $100 million in annual revenue. 

Here’s our list of the top concrete contractors in the construction industry.

6 Concrete Contractors to Watch

We took a closer look to identify which concrete contractors have the best reputations across the industry and demonstrate consistent growth. We found six firms recognized by both ENR and GC Magazine as top contractors in concrete, in addition to growing by at least 10% according to 2022 revenue numbers. 

1. Donley’s

Headquarters: Cleveland, OH

Revenue: $184 million

YOY Growth Rate: 41%

Donley’s is a concrete construction leader with locations in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast. It’s the fastest-growing concrete contractor on this list. It provides new construction, repair, and restoration services on parking decks, industrial facilities, commercial spaces, healthcare and higher education campuses, and institutional buildings. You can see Donley’s work in eight states throughout the Eastern US.

The business officially started in 1941, but its roots go back to 1895. After more than 80 years in business, Donley’s made a major transition last year to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), making it an employee-owned company and delivering on its “people first” commitment. 

Learn more on Donley's website.

2. TAS Concrete Construction

Headquarters: Houston, TX

Revenue: $409 million

YOY Growth Rate: 32%

TAS Concrete Construction is a top commercial concrete service provider that has placed in ENR’s top 20 concrete firms list for more than 20 consecutive years. TAS provides turnkey commercial concrete services for offices, medical facilities, retail and entertainment spaces, institutional facilities, and multi-unit housing.

Founded in 1980, TAS has offices in Texas and Florida. It takes pride in providing businesses in these states with safe work zones, quick service times, and impeccable attention to detail. TAS is going through a major transformation this year, rebranding as Orion. Even though TAS was acquired by Orion Group Holdings in 2015, it retained its original brand until January 2024. 

Learn more on TAS Concrete’s website.

3. Baker Concrete Construction

Headquarters: Monroe, OH

Revenue: $2.15 billion

YOY Growth Rate: 30%

Baker Concrete Construction is the nation’s largest commercial concrete construction contractor and an undisputed industry leader. The company provides construction, pre-construction, and project management services and has completed 14,000-plus projects in nearly every market segment. It takes pride in its “drive to exceed expectations” and was the first concrete contractor to implement a national safety program.

Three brothers—Dan, Jim, and Ken Baker—started Baker Cement Contractors in 1968 and changed the name to Baker Concrete Construction in 1980. Today, the firm has over 5,500 employees and five regional headquarters in the Great West, Greater DC area, Northern, Southern, and Southeast regions.

Learn more on Baker Construction’s website.

4. Kent Companies

Headquarters: Grand Rapids, MI

Revenue: $661 million

YOY Growth Rate: 27%

Kent Companies is a third-generation, family-led, full-service concrete contractor. It’s the 6th largest contractor in the US with expertise in commercial and industrial concrete construction, mixed-use construction, multi-family housing, tilt-up concrete, post-tensioned cast, and a range of specialties. 

Kent got its start in 1957, pouring residential driveways when they were the hot new feature. Now, the company employs 1,600 people across Michigan, Texas, North Carolina, and Ohio. It provides turnkey concrete construction services for large and small-scale commercial and mixed-use buildings.

Learn more on Kent Companies’ website.

5. Lithko Contracting

Headquarters: West Chester, OH

Revenue: $1.6 billion

YOY Growth Rate: 13%

Lithko Contracting is a full-service concrete contracting company that has ranked #2 on ENR’s Top Concrete Contractor list for the past four years. It’s responsible for over two million cubic yards of concrete per year and has placed more than 40 million square feet of slabs, tilt-up, and precast per year. Lithko is well-known for its work in airports, entertainment, health care, hospitality, education, religious buildings, manufacturing, office buildings, and retail spaces.

A group of concrete professionals pursuing work-life balance formed Lithko in the early 1990s. It has a unique town-based business model, building strong local teams that “keep coworkers close to home, create local jobs, support our communities, and foster career growth.” These semi-autonomous business units exist in 17 cities with further expansion plans. 

Learn more on Lithko Contracting’s website.

6. Concrete Strategies

Headquarters: St. Louis, MO

Revenue: $501 million

YOY Growth Rate: 13%

Concrete Strategies is one of the country’s leading turnkey, design-build concrete contractors. It has an unparalleled track record in site-cast concrete, structural concrete, flatwork, and all types of self-performing concrete construction for commercial projects. The company has completed projects in 43 states and laid 940,000 cubic yards of concrete last year.

Founded in 2005, Concrete Strategies is the newest company on our shortlist. Its growth in this short time is impressive, opening offices in six states—Missouri, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Washington, Iowa, and Phoenix—and employing 1,000 people.

Learn more on Concrete Strategies’ website.

What Every Concrete Contractor Can Learn from These 6 Leaders 

When we see companies growing in any declining industry, we know they’re smart about managing resources. What’s more, these top concrete contractors treat every customer, team member, project, process, and tool as if they matter deeply. They deliver exceptional service, care about their team, and take hold of their financial forecasts. They embrace change, constantly innovate, and are eager to embrace technology to solve their challenges. 

We work with some successful concrete contractors at Siteline that are using our construction billing software to:

If getting paid faster and taking control of your cash flow would make a difference to your bottom line (and we dare say it should), take a look at Siteline. It’s built for trade contractors like you. 

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@ Siteline

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