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Top 35 Glass and Glazing Construction Companies in 2024

Glass and glazing construction companies specialize in a range of commercial and residential glass installation and repair. We can thank them for the security windows and room dividers in our offices, and the windows, mirrors, and shower doors in our homes.  

Glaziers, like all construction companies, took a major hit in 2020. Even though this resulted in a lower compound annual growth rate (CAGR), the industry bounced back in 2021 and has trended upward for the last two years. Global market sales hit $42.99 billion last year and are on pace to reach $56.83 billion by 2028. Higher gross sales, longer backlogs, and healthy profit margins all paint a bright future for glazing companies.  

It’s a competitive market, with more than 26,000 glazing companies in the US alone. The number of contractors and companies entering this space has grown an average of 2.1% every year for the last five years. Despite the thickening competition (or possibly driven by it), there are a few dozen companies that continually rise to the top. 

35 Top Glazing Companies in 2023

There are several lists of “top” construction companies, and it's sometimes hard to tell who's who. So, we analyzed the three most commonly cited lists of top glass and glazing companies—Glass Magazine’s Top 50 Glaziers, USGlass Magazine’s Top 50 Contract Glaziers, and ENR’s Top 600 Specialty Contractors—to see which firms are consistently recognized across the industry as a whole. 

We identified 35 glaziers that regularly appear on at least two of these three lists and generated more than $20 million in revenue in 2021. (Note that 2022 earnings for many of these companies aren’t yet available.) 

It was exciting to see several Siteline customers on this list. (While they use our construction billing software for glazing contractors, this did not influence their inclusion below.) 

The 8 Fastest Growing Glass and Glazing Companies to Watch

It’s always good to know who the biggest players are, but we’re often more interested in looking at the intersection between size and growth. After all, some of these companies are so big that they could lose millions in revenue and still make the list of the biggest glazing companies. 

Eight of the glass and glazing contractors on this list not only generated $20 million or more in revenue last year, but they also reported positive revenue growth, according to ENR. 

1. R&R Window Contractors

Headquarters: Easthampton, MA

Revenue: $28 million, up 41%

Company size: 80 employees

R&R Window is a family-owned and operated company specializing in window, storefront, curtain wall, and panel installations. They’re one of the largest glaziers in the Northeastern US.

Nearly half of R&R’s team members have been with the company for more than 10 years. This longevity is likely a core factor in its outstanding reputation. 

Why we’re impressed with R&R: A 41% growth rate is phenomenal. Without this, R&R wouldn’t have made any of the 2022 top glazing contractor lists. Generating $28 million in revenue with only 80 people is equally impressive. We can’t wait to see what R&R does in the years to come.

Visit R&R Window’s website to learn more. 

2. Giroux Glass

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

Revenue: $75 million, up 20%

Company size: 224 employees

Giroux Glass is a 100% employee-owned contracting company that caters to commercial, retail, and luxury residential clients. It has five offices, all in the Southwest US, including Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Las Vegas, Fresno, and Phoenix. The company is consistently recognized for its integrity, performance, and ability to exceed client expectations.  

Why we’re impressed with Giroux: We love that Giroux is employee-owned. Aside from its recognition as one of the top glazing companies, the company also earns accolades for its best-in-class glasswork, being among the best places to work, and its stellar safety reputation. 

Visit Giroux Glass’s website to learn more. 

3. Interclad (part of Egan Company)

Headquarters: Champlin, MN

Revenue: $60 million, up 18%

Company size: 75 employees

Interclad is Egan Company’s glass and glazing division. They’re one of the largest glass and glazing contractors in the Midwest. They provide integrated commercial glazing and cladding service, including preconstruction, design, engineering, fabrication, and installation.

Why we’re impressed with Interclad: All three of the lists we referenced named Interclad as one of the best in their class. The company does a great job working hand-in-hand with other trade contractors to deliver what feels like a seamless customer experience. Their wide range of commercial projects—office buildings, high-rise housing, stadiums, hotels, and hospitals—can be seen across the Midwest.  

Visit Egan’s website to learn more. 

4. Harmon 

Headquarters: Bloomington, MN

Revenue: $349 million, up 18%

Company size: 650 employees

Harmon is indisputably the largest glass and glazing company in the country, topping every list of top glazing contractors. It has 17 offices nationwide, allowing them to combine national resources and local expertise. This best-of-both-worlds approach means 90% of Harmon’s customers are repeat customers. 

Why we’re impressed with Harmon: Growing by double-digits when you’re already over $300 million in revenue is a mighty feat in our book. Coupled with its customer retention rate, Harmon serves as a blueprint for how to build a top construction company. 

Visit Harmon’s website to learn more. 

5. Ajay Glass 

Headquarters: Canandaigua, NY

Revenue: $44 million, up 14%

Company size: 140 employees

Ajay got its start as a small local glass shop doing simple residential and small commercial projects. It's grown into one of the largest glass subcontractors in the Northeastern US. The company designs, fabricates, and installs standard and custom exterior wall systems to meet any specifications.

Why we’re impressed with Ajay Glass: We love Ajay’s story of humble beginnings. We get excited any time a company can grow from a small business to a nationwide leader. Combine this with a double-digit growth rate and consistent recognition as one of the top 20 glazing companies, and it’s clear why Ajay ranks on this list.

Visit Ajay Glass’s website to learn more. 

6. W&W Glass 

Headquarters: Nanuet, NY

Revenue: $220 million, up 10%

Company size: 200 employees

W&W Glass is an employee-owned and operated company led by a third-generation management team. It’s the largest architectural glass and metal contractor in New York. Commercial clients turn to W&W for an end-to-end approach to curtain walls, storefronts, entrances, and structurally-glazed enclosures. 

Why we’re impressed with W&W Glass: We love the W&W legacy—the fact that leadership has been passed down through three generations. In an industry that is forever changing, we can’t think of a better way to build trust. 

Visit W&W Glass’s website to learn more. 

7. Crown Corr

Headquarters: Gary, IN

Revenue: $178 million, up 5%

Company size: 595 employees

Crown Corr is a nationwide provider of exterior glass, curtain wall systems, and metal building enclosures. It offers single-source services, including design, engineering, fabrication, and installation. Roughly 400 of Crown Corr’s team members are in-field trade workers. The company prides itself on delivering quality work on time and maintaining an exceptional safety record. 

Why we’re impressed with Crown Corr: Crown Corr’s work really speaks for itself. The sheer size of its projects is impressive. The company’s safety and quality reputation is perhaps even more so. We also love the holistic approach Crown Corr takes to its work.

Visit Crown Corr’s website to learn more.

8. Pioneer Cladding & Glazing Systems

Headquarters: Mason, OH

Revenue: $83 million, up 4%

Company size: 262 employees

Pioneer Cladding & Glazing Systems is a nationwide glazing and manufacturing company with locations in Mason, OH, Cleveland, Baltimore, Indianapolis, IN, and Johnson City, TN. The company guarantees quality service from start to finish and takes pride in delivering beautiful facades with unparalleled performance. Pioneer’s services include custom curtain walls, glass walls, windows, skylights, sunshades, and multiple types of entrances and doors.  

Why we’re impressed with Pioneer: We respect how transparent Pioneer is regarding their process, openly discussing intent, budget, and performance. They have a clear commitment to delivering projects on time and on budget. This can make a real difference for clients.  

Visit Pioneer’s website to learn more.

3 Traits of the Fastest Growing Glass and Glazing Companies 

The fastest growing glass and glazing companies might look different from the outside. There’s more than a $300 million revenue gap between Harmon and R&R. Some (like Pioneer) have only been around for a couple of decades, while others (like W&W) span multiple generations. But when we look beyond these surface factors, we can see several core traits that companies on a growth trajectory share.  

1. They have more resources.

High-growth construction companies have the working capital to bid for more work and the talent to perform that work. This is often less about size and more about investing in strong partnerships and having strong operational and construction finance strategies in place.

2. They’re highly adaptable.

Adaptability has always been important, but it’s been particularly critical since the pandemic. Companies must adapt to upstream delays, supply chain issues, and limited labor. This requires foresight and visibility into the big picture. The firms that can nail this will rise to the top. 

3. They invest in growth.

Leaders invest in gaining and retaining talented team members, building strong cultures, marketing their services, and implementing advanced tools and technology. According to Glass Magazine, 67% of the top glazing companies invested in new software last year.

If you’re trying to scale a construction company, Siteline can help. Our construction billing software helps trade contractors get paid on time so they have more working capital to bid on more projects. It creates efficiencies across the accounting team so they can focus on collections. Plus, it delivers clear visibility into your company's financial health, so you can pursue the right projects. Schedule a demo to see how it can make a difference in your business.

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