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Top 45 US Wall and Ceiling Construction Companies in 2024

Wall and ceiling contractors do precisely that—build and cover interior and exterior walls and ceilings. Top wall and ceiling construction companies do a whole lot more than just plaster and drywall. They deliver expertise on fire safety strategies, wind and weather barriers, and building acoustics.   

Even though the construction market as a whole is projected to decline by 4.2% this year, according to IBIS, the number of contractors continues to grow. But, the increased competition doesn’t seem to affect the top wall and ceiling construction companies. 

45 Wall and Ceiling Companies to Watch in 2023

Two primary organizations monitor the industry—Walls & Ceilings Magazine and Engineering News-Record. Each group publishes an annual list of who’s who in the world of wall and ceiling construction: W&C Top 50 Contractors List and ENR Top 600 Specialty Contractors

Surprisingly, there’s not a lot of overlap between the two. Both lists are respected and reliable resources when it comes to identifying the top wall and ceiling companies. W&C includes a wider range of companies on its list, highlighting some firms with revenue as low as $3 million. ENR, on the other hand, only features 20 firms. Every company included on its 2022 list generated more than $70 million in revenue.   

We dove into the most recent lists to compare the results. We wound up identifying 45 wall and ceiling companies that generate $20M or more in annual revenue. So, here’s our list of the top 45 US Wall and Ceiling Construction Companies to Watch in 2023. 

The 8 Biggest and Best Wall and Ceiling Construction Companies 

As we combed through these lists we discovered eight companies that were recognized by both Wall & Ceiling Magazine and ENR. These eight wall and ceiling contractors represent the largest (and possibly the best) in the industry. They each generated a minimum of $150 million in revenue last year. They’re backed by decades of experience and their reputations precede them.

1. BakerTriangle

Headquarters: Mesquite, TX

Year Founded: 1974

Revenue: $182 million 

BakerTriangle started as a small family-owned business. Today, it has 1,600 employees and seven offices across Texas. The company has taken a broad approach to scale—serving a dozen different industries with an array of packages, including drywall, acoustical, plaster, thin veneer, metal panel, plaster, and prefabrication.

What’s noteworthy about BakerTriangle: BakerTriangle places a heavy focus on completing projects faster and more predictably through the use of prefabricated panels. They report completing projects 80% faster with 80% fewer team members.

Learn more on BakerTriangle’s website.

2. California Drywall

Headquarters: San Jose, CA

Year Founded: 1946

Revenue: $218 million 

California Drywall has been a drywall company since the early days of drywall. Today, it’s one of the largest specialty contractors in Northern California. It offers a wide range of construction services, such as acoustic and specialty ceilings, metal framing and drywall, fireproofing, insulation, lath and plaster, paint, rain screen systems, and strut systems. 

What’s noteworthy about California Drywall: California Drywall works hard to bring a family-like personal experience to top-tier commercial subcontracting. No project is too small or big for its team. Its portfolio includes projects ranging from $5,000 to $80 million. 

Learn more on California Drywall’s website.

3. Daley’s Drywall

Headquarters: Campbell, CA

Year Founded: 1963

Revenue: $184 million 

Daley’s Drywall is a full-service drywall contractor in San Francisco for multi-residential, commercial, and industrial clients in the Bay Area. It specializes in metal framing, drywall, lath and plaster, rough carpentry, insulation, and acoustical ceilings. 

What’s noteworthy about Daley’s Drywall: Daley’s focuses heavily on sustainability. They build with recycled materials where possible. Its fleet consists of the most fuel-efficient engines, including hybrid, electric, and small diesel. Its company headquarters is solar-powered and incorporates sustainable practices throughout. 

Learn more on Daley’s Drywall’s website.

4. KHS&S Contractors

Headquarters: Tampa, FL

Year Founded: 1984

Revenue: $233 million 

KHS&S is a design-assist building company that creates interiors, exteriors, prefabricated building components, themed environments, rockwork, and specialty finishes for projects around the world. It serves commercial clients in retail, hospitality, gaming, entertainment, transportation, and healthcare.

What’s noteworthy about KHS&S: KHS&S’s reputation is best in class. The company has ranked as a top ten specialty wall and ceiling contractor on ENR’s list for the past 20 years. 

Learn more on KHS&S Contractors’ website.

5. Nevell Group Inc.

Headquarters: Brea, CA

Year Founded: 2003

Revenue: $158 million 

Nevell Group is a 100% employee-owned specialty trade contractor providing premier commercial interior and exterior wall systems across the Western US. The company serves clients in public and private sectors including medical, commercial, retail, multi-family housing, and government organizations.

What’s noteworthy about Nevell Group: Nevell Group prides itself on being technology-forward. It invests in an array of technologies with the aim of controlling costs, time, and money for its clients.   

Learn more on Nevell Group’s website

6. Precision Walls Inc.

Headquarters: Cary, NC

Year Founded: 1977

Revenue: $283 million 

Precision Walls is a premier specialty subcontractor company serving commercial customers across the Southeastern US. Both residential and commercial clients turn to Precision Walls for all things walls and ceilings, even including add-on features like blinds, window shades, and projection screens.   

What’s noteworthy about Precision Walls: Precision’s 90% customer renewal rate is a testament to the quality of its work. The company maintains a steadfast focus on integrity and performance, and its list of accolades is long. 

Learn more on Precision Walls’ website

7. The Raymond Group

Headquarters: Orange, CA

Year Founded: 1936

Revenue: $280 million 

The Raymond Group is a family-owned wall and ceiling company with four offices in California and Nevada. It offers residential and commercial services for projects of all sizes. With roots in lath and plaster, The Raymond Group has evolved significantly over the decades to embrace all forms of innovation and technology. 

What’s noteworthy about The Raymond Group: The Raymond Group's legacy is impressive. It’s known for building some of the first planned residential communities in the country. The company has also been involved in some of the most iconic buildings in major cities around the world.  

Learn more on The Raymond Group’s website

8. Western Partitions Inc.

Headquarters: Wilsonville, OR  

Year Founded: 1972

Revenue: $345 million 

Western Partitions is one of the largest and most reputable interior and exterior contracting firms in the US, employing 1,600 people across nine states. Its comprehensive services range from exterior building enclosures to drywall installation and specialty finishing. Market sectors include education, entertainment, healthcare, hospitality, public works, technology, and multi-family.

What’s noteworthy about Western Partitions: Safety is Western Partitions’ number one value. The company reports a long list of safety awards and is committed to ensuring a safe workplace so its employees return home every day injury-free.

Learn more on Western Partitions’ website

What the Top Wall & Ceiling Construction Companies Have in Common

It’s valuable to understand how these wall and ceiling construction companies got to be the best. Doing so can create a roadmap to help newer contractors fuel their own growth efforts.  

So what exactly do these eight best wall and ceiling companies have in common? Three trends stand out.

1. They have more resources.

The best construction companies have more working capital to bid for more projects. Although this can make it seem like you have to somehow get big before you can scale, working capital isn’t always tied to massive revenue. Even small contractors can free up operating capital by adopting smart construction finance strategies

2. They invest in building strong cultures.

Culture is a key driver of growth. A strong culture makes it easier to attract and retain new talent. It rallies teams around your company goals and motivates them to deliver their best work to customers. The construction companies on this list have created cultures built on safety, integrity, and excellence.  

3. They embrace innovation and technology. 

Innovation can make the difference between leaders and the rest of the pack. Whether embracing the newest techniques in prefabricated panels, leading the way with sustainable building materials, or optimizing and automating internal processes with software, construction companies must innovate to stay in the game. 

Siteline is one tool that trade contractors use to scale their companies. Our construction billing software makes sure they get paid on time so they have more working capital to bid on projects. It increases operational efficiency across the finance team so they can scale without additional resources. And it presents a clear picture of financial relationships with general contractors so companies can pursue the right projects. 

Schedule a demo to see how Siteline can make a difference in your business.

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@ Siteline

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