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Memphis, TN
Binswanger faced challenges with complex custom GC billing forms, a decentralized billing process, and limited visibility into pay applications. With Siteline, the team was able to consolidate their billing operations, improve efficiency, and gain valuable insights into the company’s financial performance.
Day reduction in A/R aging
Increase in billing volume

The Challenge

Prior to implementing Siteline, each of the 45 branch offices had its own billing process, each with its own point person (either a branch manager, project manager, or customer service manager) to oversee billing. There was no central place to track the status of each pay application, which resulted in missed deadlines. Additionally, with these disparate processes and systems, Binswanger leadership didn’t have good visibility into their cash flow.

“There wasn't a standard process that was followed,” said Jess. “We were struggling with the custom billing forms…Every branch had a different folder system where they saved things. So it was really hard to get visibility and have consistency.”

They didn’t know when payments were coming in. There were times when they weren’t able to get all of the correct billing documents to the GC on time, which caused payment delays. Occasionally, they missed the opportunity to bill for retention because they didn’t have a centralized system to manage their projects. (Now, Siteline automatically reminds Binswanger’s contract team to bill for retention so they always collect it.)

Pre-Siteline, with all of the back-and-forth and disconnected tools like Excel, Bluebeam, and Word, Binswanger’s team spent, on average, 40 minutes per pay application. And that didn’t include all of the time the finance team spent chasing down information, status updates, and payments. The finance team would then spend more than two hours per month reviewing the status of each project. (Now, with Siteline, they can get through all of the open questions in under 15 minutes.)

“The month-end process used to involve a scramble, with uncertainties surrounding billed projects and change orders, which resulted in a lot of phone calls and emails. The demanding back-and-forth exchanges consumed substantial time and energy.”
Jess T.
Regional Contract Administrative Manager

The Solution

Jess had been working on implementing a better payment application process for almost a year and was growing frustrated. But, the clouds parted when the Siteline team reached out to her. “Our CEO forwarded me an email from Siteline,” Jess explained, “I sat on the demo and realized this was exactly what we were looking for!”

The transition to Siteline was seamless, and the software quickly became integral to their day-to-day operations. The positive rollout experience further solidified their confidence in Siteline as an effective solution for their billing needs. “It went really smoothly,” said Jess. “We were able to hit the ground running right away. We didn’t have to wade through hours and hours of training. It was legitimately one training session with our project team and admin team, and we were good to go.”

Team Centralization

Previously, 46 employees handled billing part-time at the branch level on top of their other work, resulting in inefficiencies and coordination challenges. By implementing Siteline, Binswanger centralized all billing operations for the entire company, allocating all of those fractional and part-time responsibilities to a dedicated full-time team of four employees. This centralization fostered a collaborative and streamlined approach, allowing for cross-training and eliminating the risk of billing gaps during employee absences. “I don't think we would have been able to centralize operations as quickly as we did without Siteline,” said Jess.

Custom Forms

The Binswanger team previously struggled with the complexity of custom billing forms, leading to payment delays and last-minute scrambles to rectify errors. “Custom billing forms are tricky,” said Jess. “if you don't get them right, your payment gets held up and you're scrambling to do it.” Siteline simplified the billing process, accounting for all custom forms and ensuring accuracy. The software's ability to handle trade contractor-specific billing requirements stood out as a rare and valuable feature for Binswanger.

New Levels of Visibility and Value

Binswanger's smooth implementation of Siteline brought numerous benefits, transforming its billing operations into an efficient, centralized, and streamlined process. The software's ability to handle custom billing forms, enhance visibility, and facilitate time savings made it an invaluable tool for Binswanger's project managers and administrative team. With Siteline, Binswanger gained control over its billing processes, achieved unprecedented visibility into financial operations, and positioned itself for more tremendous success in the industry.

“Siteline provides tremendous visibility,” said Jess. “We know that paperwork isn’t the issue anymore—thanks to Siteline—so when we’re not paid, we’re able to really drill down. Is it owner funding? Is it retainage? We’re able to get to those really defining moments as to what’s going on and are able to assess our A/R in a very different light than we were previously.”

The Binswanger team also loves the reporting—and it’s not just the accounting team reaping the benefits of the intelligence. The estimating department also benefits significantly from Siteline, as it provides valuable insights into the promptness of payments from various GCs.

When asked what Binswanger would say to other contractors considering Siteline, Jess said, “Don't think too long on it—Just do it! Siteline gave us the visibility we needed to be successful and enabled us to put a streamlined process in place. Everything is nicely bucketed for us to manage easily.”

“No other software is able to provide every GC-required form—precisely as the client expects it and completely digitally. The fact that it was made for trade contractors? Cherry on the cake.”
Jess T.
Regional Contract Administrative Manager

The Results

Greater visibility into cash flow

Siteline provided Binswanger Glass with unparalleled visibility into its financial operations. The company is now able to track its billing progress and the status of pay applications instantly, eliminating the need to wait until the end of the month for updates across its 45 offices. This newfound visibility empowered Binswanger to make informed decisions, better manage cash flow, and identify trends that influenced its bidding and estimating processes.

Billing its highest volume ever

The company compared billing volume prior to implementing Siteline to now and found that billing volume has increased by 2%.

“As a company, we have achieved an increase in billing volume, which we attribute to our now-quick assembly of pay applications and on-time submissions,” said Jess. “The real-time updates we receive, which allow us to assess our progress in real-time, offer a substantial advantage over our previous monthly reconciliation approach. This newfound efficiency stands out as a paramount accomplishment for our organization.”

Getting paid faster

With unprecedented visibility into each pay application, they are able to accurately bill for all active projects on time, and know when to chase down payment. This has enabled them to reduce their DSO by 6 days (from 60 to 54) across a 6-month period.

“Before adopting Siteline, our billing processes lacked uniformity across all projects, primarily due to limited visibility,” said Jess. “The introduction of Siteline marked a significant milestone for our company, providing us with a new level of transparency that has greatly enhanced our billing efficiency.”

Freeing up hours monthly for the administrative, finance, and project management teams

One of the most impactful outcomes of adopting Siteline was the significant time savings experienced by Binswanger's project managers. Initially skeptical, the PMs were blown away by the software's ease of use and intuitiveness, enabling them to complete monthly billings for all of their projects in less than an hour. This marked a substantial improvement compared to the previous manual process, which required hours of effort. The time savings had a profound effect on overall productivity and freed up schedules to focus on other crucial tasks. 

“In terms of time savings, we have seen the biggest impact on the project management side,” said Jess.

“With Siteline, we are gaining valuable insights into the promptness of payments from various general contractors (GCs), and we are incorporating this information into our estimating process. This newfound visibility represents an unprecedented advantage for our organization.”
Jess T.
Regional Contract Administrative Manager

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