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case study

Giroux Glass

Giroux Glass, a $75M subcontractor in the US, was spending excessive time revising and resubmitting pay applications. Since implementing Siteline, the team has been able to save four full days per month on pay app management, which has accelerated the company’s time-to-payment by an average of 12 days across all three of its offices.
32 hours
saved managing pay apps per month
reduction in A/R aging

The Challenge

Giroux Glass has grown exponentially since its inception in 1946. What was once a small, family-run business is now a nationally recognized top-10 glazing subcontractor with five offices in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Bernardino, and Fresno. Throughout this remarkable growth, however, Giroux’s billing processes remained largely unchanged—heavily reliant on manual workflows and paper-centric systems.

Before Siteline, Giroux Glass’s accounting team was managing its accounts receivable (A/R) in various spreadsheets located within disparate folders across multiple servers. The team was forced to spend excessive time setting up billing sheets and preparing the schedule of values (SOVs) for each project manager (PM) every month to ensure pay apps were sent out to each respective GC. The real kicker? Each location had a separate process for doing so.

With so much in flight at any given time—and without a centralized solution to keep everything in place—the team was also struggling to keep its compliance documents and lien waiver releases up to date. As a result, 30% of the company’s pay applications were getting kicked back due to human errors.

Managing these processes was a burden on the A/R team’s shoulders. “I’ve never been comfortable taking a vacation,” shared Melissa Ensor, Office Manager of Giroux’s Las Vegas location. “Because I handle everything accounting-related, I was the go-to for the contract, compliance, billings, OCIPs, preparing WIPs—you name it.”

After careful consideration, the team at Giroux Glass decided they needed to standardize the company’s billing processes to optimize cash flow and enhance overall productivity. That's when they discovered Siteline, a tool that could help them achieve these goals and propel future growth.

“I’ve never been comfortable taking a vacation. Because I handle everything accounting-related, I was the go-to for the contract, compliance, billings, OCIPs, preparing WIPs—you name it.”
Melissa E.
Office Manager
Giroux Glass

The Solution

Melissa was initially attracted to Siteline’s ability to track and submit pay apps, lien waivers, and compliance documents. These core features could liberate her team from creating pay app packages every month and then manually entering all that information into Sage 300. This would also mitigate the risk of double data entry and other manual errors.

“Our goal at Giroux is to always increase work productivity,” explained Melissa. “To us, that means less data entry, fewer errors, and less time spent on repeatable processes. Because Siteline syncs to our Sage 300 instance and GCs’ portals, we immediately saw how it could streamline our data entry, allow us to stay on top of lien releases, and eliminate human errors—all things that were impacting our payments and cash flow.”

The adaptability of Siteline to Giroux’s specific needs and its user-friendliness were additional benefits for Melissa and the A/R team. “I love how accommodating and adaptable the product is without being difficult to use,” she said. “Even when a pay app has a special cover sheet attached, Siteline can generate it.”

Beyond the software’s technical capabilities, Melissa also had a great onboarding experience: “The customer service is outstanding! You guys are on the ball and always very pleasant. It doesn’t matter what kind of questions we have; Siteline is so easy to work with and knowledgeable. Whatever we ask for, your team is prepared to help.”

“I love how accommodating and adaptable the product is without being difficult to use. Even when a pay app has a special cover sheet attached, Siteline can generate it.”
Melissa E.
Office Manager
Giroux Glass

The Results

Since adopting Siteline, Giroux has been able to standardize and streamline its billing processes across all three offices, which has benefitted their team in several ways.

12-day reduction in A/R aging

Having a centralized location to manage all of these workflows has been critical to helping their team save a ton of time and shift their focus from manual, repetitive processes to more impactful initiatives like updating compliance documents and chasing down payments.

“It’s just nice that you can literally log into Siteline, and everything you need is right there,” explained Melissa. “Before Siteline, we had hundreds of folders. Each GC form was saved and recreated hundreds of times. With Siteline, we just click one button, and it’s done.”

As a result of this shift, the company has achieved a significant reduction in its average A/R aging, from 71 days to 59 days. The Las Vegas and Phoenix offices have achieved an even lower A/R aging of 50 days—well below the industry average of 90 days.

20% fewer pay app revisions each month

By automating some of the repeatable tasks, Siteline has also decreased the number of pay apps getting kicked back due to human errors (e.g., mistakes on the previous bill, broken formulas in the spreadsheet, “fat finger” data entry issues). In fact, Giroux reduced their pay app rework from 30% each month to only 10%.

When a pay app does come back, Melissa and her team love that they no longer need to update all the documents and resubmit them in Excel or PDF. Instead, they make the update once in Siteline, and the software regenerates this updated amount everywhere else in seconds.

Significant time savings across the board

One of the most impactful outcomes of adopting Siteline has been the significant time savings Giroux’s accounting team has experienced. Specifically, they have saved:

  • At least one day per month setting up billing sheets and collecting amounts from project managers;
  • Two days per month compiling and submitting pay applications for just the Phoenix and Las Vegas offices across 57 projects; and
  • Two hours per week running billing reports in Sage 300 since there was no real-time visibility.

“Before Siteline, I would have a to-do list that was three miles long,” stated Melissa. “But, with all the time it has saved me, my to-do list is much more manageable.” This time savings has ultimately enhanced the team’s productivity, contributing to the company's future growth.

Greater collaboration and visibility into financial workflows

Siteline has also provided Giroux Glass with real-time visibility into its financial operations. Every stakeholder—from executives to PMs to accounting specialists—can now track the company’s billing progress and the status of pay applications instantly from within the platform.

This newfound visibility has encouraged Giroux’s PMs to take more ownership of the billing workflows. Melissa explained, “Because monthly billing is no longer a hassle, PMs are more apt at doing their own billing now, which means I no longer have to email them to remind them to bill.”

The collaboration doesn’t end here, though. With all of Giroux’s project financials stored in one place, it’s been much easier for the team to cover for one another if someone is out of the office. That means the A/R team can enjoy vacations now.

“Whether you’re a mechanical or a glazing subcontractor, the requirements for getting paid on time are the same. And it’s always been a hassle. ‘Til now—thanks to Siteline. The software and team have more than exceeded our expectations.”
Melissa E.
Office Manager
Giroux Glass

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