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Universal Metro, Inc.

Universal Metro, Inc., a prominent commercial flooring company based in California, was spending a significant amount of time on pay application packages—just for 20% of them to get kicked back, contributing to the company’s 70-plus day A/R aging. Since adopting Siteline, the company has eliminated pay application rejections and reduced its A/R aging by 10 days.
Reduction in A/R aging
Hours saved per week across the billing team

The Challenge

For over 40 years, Universal Metro, Inc. has been recognized as one of Southern California’s premiere commercial flooring experts. Known for their exceptional workmanship and dedication to the community, Universal Metro, Inc. has maintained a loyal customer base for more than three decades. This level of commitment extends to their employees, too, with Barbara Millette—Universal Metro, Inc.’s Administrator—dedicating 28 years to the company. In her current role, Millette focuses on process improvement and training, which is where our story begins. 

Before Siteline, Universal Metro, Inc.’s billing responsibilities were divided among seven project coordinators (PCs). Each PC managed billing workflows in “Structure,” a system that only generated invoices, which meant that all other forms and waivers had to be manually completed. This made the time-consuming process of pulling pay applications together even more cumbersome, often resulting in incorrect or late submissions.

Millette explained, "It takes a lot of time to gather and submit waivers and forms. And if you make a mistake, the customer won't pay, requiring you to repeatedly revise the pay application until it's correct. I’d say we were spending 20-30 hours each week just on pay applications alone.

These inefficiencies caused frustration within the team and further delayed the company’s already lengthy billing cycle, with payment for their work often taking more than 70 days to receive. “Each day without payment diminishes the value of our hard-earned dollars,” said Millette. “It also puts us in a tough spot since we have other vendor invoices to settle each month.”

Most of these payment delays stemmed from the lack of a centralized tool and a standardized process for generating and submitting accurate pay applications and lien waivers. Fortunately, Siteline provided a solution to address both of these issues.

"It takes a lot of time to gather and submit waivers and forms. And if you make a mistake, the customer won't pay, requiring you to repeatedly revise the pay application until it's correct. I’d say we were spending 20-30 hours each week just on pay applications alone.”
Barbara M.
Senior Project Coordinator
Universal Metro, Inc.

The Solution

With Siteline, the company has successfully streamlined its billing process, centralizing it under Millette’s management for all GC-related work. This move from siloed project coordination has significantly reduced the time spent on form creation and revisions, resulting in faster payments. “Siteline spits the full package out to the customer—from invoices to waivers to forms—and all in one email. It’s incredibly easy,” said Millette.

The Universal Metro, Inc. team also loves Siteline’s automated reminders, which are crucial in preventing oversights and ensuring prompt action on lien waiver collections and pay application submissions. “If there is something wrong with the project schedule or the materials, that’s one thing,” explained Millette. “But we never want to see payment delays for invoicing or paperwork issues. That was our goal in working with Siteline—nothing falls through the cracks.”

In addition to its functionality, Siteline's exceptional customer service has been a standout feature for the Universal Metro, Inc. team. Millette expressed her satisfaction with Siteline support, stating that she typically receives “an answer within an hour, if not sooner. It’s been such a huge help to our team’s success with the software.”

"It's incredibly easy... [and] nothing falls through the cracks."
Barbara M.
Senior Project Coordinator
Universal Metro, Inc.

The Results

Embracing Siteline has not only expedited Universal Metro, Inc.’s payment collection process but also contributed to the company's growth by eliminating prolonged payment cycles. Specifically, Siteline has helped the company achieve:

100% reduction in pay application rejections

Having a centralized tool to assemble and submit pay applications has significantly reduced errors in Universal Metro, Inc.’s billing process. Previously, 20% of pay applications were rejected for reasons like using the wrong GC form or late submissions. “Since using Siteline to package our payment applications, we haven’t received a single rejection,” Millette shared.

10-day reduction in time-to-payment

By minimizing pay app rejections, Universal Metro, Inc. has substantially reduced the time invested in revising and resubmitting pay apps. As a result, the company is meeting payment deadlines more consistently—and getting paid much faster. 

After a year with Siteline, Universal Metro, Inc.’s time-to-payment decreased from over 70 days to 60—a 14% improvement overall.

Increased efficiency and time savings

Universal Metro, Inc.’s accounting team spent 30 hours per week (120 hours per month) with PCs, assembling invoices, forms, and updates so their accounting lead could process invoices and manually type out waivers. With Siteline, the team can complete all these tasks in just a few minutes. With this extra time, she has the bandwidth to focus on more revenue-boosting initiatives, like chasing down late payments.

An enhanced competitive edge

Streamlining their pay application process with Siteline has also helped Universal Metro, Inc. maintain its stellar reputation. “It’s a small industry,” Millette explained. “GCs know who has their act together and who doesn’t. They enjoy working with people who can prioritize quality and timeliness. It gives you a good name out there!”

"We haven't received any rejections since adopting Siteline. We'll never go back to how things were."
Barbara M.
Senior Project Coordinator
Universal Metro, Inc.

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