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Percent Complete Method
Construction glossary

What is the percentage-of-completion method?

The percentage-of-completion method is an accounting method used in the construction industry to recognize revenue and expenses for long-term projects as they progress—rather than waiting until the project is completed. Under the POC method, a contractor or subcontractor estimates the total contract revenue, total contract costs, and the percentage of work completed during a specific accounting period.

Revenue is recognized based on the percentage of work completed multiplied by the total estimated contract revenue. Expenses are recognized based on the percentage of work completed multiplied by the total estimated contract costs. This method aims to provide a more accurate representation of a construction project's financial performance over its duration rather than recognizing all revenue and expenses at the end.

For subcontractors and their accounting teams, understanding the POC method is crucial for three reasons:

  1. It directly impacts their revenue recognition and financial reporting, enabling them to assess profitability throughout project lifecycles. 
  2. It affects their cash flow projections and management, as progress payments are typically tied to the POC. 
  3. Understanding this method ensures compliance with accounting standards and regulations, minimizing the risk of audits or penalties.

Siteline supports the POC method, ensuring accurate financial reporting and cash flow management. With Siteline, you can:

  • Generate custom pay applications using real-time POC calculations
  • Integrate with general contractor (GC) payment portals to ensure timely and accurate submissions
  • Gain real-time insights into project financials with intuitive dashboards
  • Centralize all documentation for improved field-to-office collaboration

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