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General Contractor (GC)
Construction glossary

What is a General Contractor (GC)?

A general contractor (GC), also commonly referred to as a prime contractor, is the main contractor responsible for managing an entire construction project. They are in direct contact with the build’s owner/developer and hold primary responsibility for the construction, execution, quality, and completion of the project under the agreed terms and schedules. As such, the GC addresses concerns and resolves issues related to the project, contributing to the effective execution and timely delivery. The GC also manages the procurement of materials, labor, and equipment, ensuring compliance with building codes and regulations.

A critical part of the GC’s job is hiring and managing trade contractors, also known as subcontractors, who specialize in specific construction trades like electrical, plumbing, framing, etc. The GC essentially acts as a hub, contracting out portions of the work to skilled trade contractors while retaining overall control of the project operations.

GCs have a vested interest in working with subcontractors who not only are highly skilled in their respective trades but also have efficient, well-defined operational and financial workflows to ensure reliability and consistency in their performance. Streamlined billing processes are crucial in this regard. When subcontractors can quickly and accurately generate pay applications—complete with the necessary compliance documentation and lien waivers—it allows the GC to bill the project’s owner promptly and get paid faster. Delays in subcontractor billing can significantly impede the GC’s ability to get paid in time, thereby causing delays in payments to other contractors, too. 

This is where a solution like Siteline can ultimately benefit GCs by helping their subcontractors streamline billing processes. Siteline accelerates subcontractor billing by automatically generating pay apps per GC specifications, tracking compliance requirements, managing change orders and lien waivers, and providing payment visibility. When subcontractors use Siteline to automate billing, GCs receive accurate, compliant pay applications faster, allowing them to bill project owners promptly and get paid quicker as a result.

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