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Construction glossary

What is a Payment Bond?

A payment bond is a type of surety bond commonly used in the construction industry to guarantee that subcontractors, laborers, and material suppliers will be paid for their work and materials on a project—even if the prime contractor faces financial difficulties. This security allows subcontractors to manage their cash flow more effectively and take on projects with reduced financial risk. Additionally, payment bonds help prevent the need for subcontractors to file liens against the property, which can be a complex and time-consuming process.

For subcontractors, working on bonded projects requires attention to detail in documentation and adherence to specific procedures. They must maintain accurate records of work performed and materials supplies, as these may be necessary to support a claim against the bond if payment issues arise. Therefore, subcontractors must familiarize themselves with the bond’s terms, claim processes, and any statutory limitations or notice requirements.

To that end, implementing a solution, like Siteline, to centralize financial data—including bond-related information—across all your projects is incredibly helpful in managing payment bonds. Siteline can also:

  • Track payment schedules and alerting users to potential delays
  • Provide cash flow forecasts that account for bond-secured payments
  • Offer insights into project financial health to preempt payment issues

To see how Siteline can streamline your payment bond management—and your billing and collections workflows as a whole—request a personalized demo today!