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Construction glossary

What is a Pre-Lien Notice?

A pre-lien notice, also known as a preliminary notice, is a legal document used in the construction industry to secure payment rights for subcontractors, material suppliers, and other parties involved in the construction project. It is a crucial step in securing the right to payment and can, therefore, directly impact subcontractor cash flows.

The purpose of a pre-lien notice is to inform the property owner, general contractor (GC), and other relevant parties that a subcontractor or supplier has provided labor, materials, or services to the project. By submitting a pre-lien notice, the subcontractor establishes their right to file a mechanic's lien if they are not paid for their work.

The steps to secure payment through the pre-lien notice process are as follows:

  1. Pre-lien (preliminary) notice: This notice should be submitted at the start of every project, typically within a specified time frame after the subcontractor begins work or delivers materials. It serves as a formal notification of the subcontractor's involvement and their intent to protect their right to payment.
  2. Notice of intent (NOI): If the subcontractor is not paid for their work after submitting the pre-lien notice, they can issue a notice of intent (NOI) to the property owner, general contractor, and other parties involved. The NOI is the final warning before filing a mechanic's lien, indicating that the subcontractor intends to take legal action to secure payment if the outstanding balance remains unpaid.
  3. Mechanic's lien: If the subcontractor still does not receive payment after issuing the NOI, they can file a mechanic's lien against the property. A mechanic's lien is a legal claim that encumbers the property, preventing the owner from selling or refinancing until the debt is resolved. This action is typically a last resort to recover unpaid balances. (Check out this blog post to better understand how mechanic’s liens work.)

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