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53 Top US Fireproofing and Fire Protection Contractors in 2024

A single flame can spread quickly enough to engulf a building in minutes—and turn it into ashes within a few short hours. The rate at which it spreads depends on several factors, including which fire prevention measures are in place, highlighting the critical role of skilled fireproofing contractors.

In this article, we’ll take a look at what fireproofing entails, the economic opportunities in the fire protection industry, and the top contractors in fire safety. 

Fireproofing Industry Overview and Outlook

Fireproofing contractors work to make buildings resistant to fire damage and destruction. They employ various methods, from utilizing fire-resistant materials such as mortar, cement, or fireproof paint to deploying advanced fire detection and suppression systems. 

Engineers and general contractors (GCs) hire fire protection specialists to:

  • Conduct fire risk assessments
  • Install structural protection for frames and foundations
  • Construct fire-resistant walls, floors, and ceilings
  • Implement thermal insulation materials 
  • Install fire detection devices such as alarms and smoke detectors
  • Build fire suppression and extinguisher systems
  • Maintain and service fire protection equipment
  • Develop and implement safety plans, emergency procedures, and evacuation routes

According to The Big Red Guide, there are just shy of 4,000 fire protection companies in the US. Compared to other construction segments—like the 70,000 electrical construction companies or 87,000 concrete contractors—these numbers may make it seem like a small market. But that’s far from true.  

Annual revenue for fire protection systems alone is at $71.6 billion and is expected to reach $97.2 billion over the next five years. Add to that micro-segments like fireproofing materials, which are growing at nearly 10% per year. This strong growth can be attributed to strict regulatory standards combined with the country’s focus on infrastructure development. 

Top 52 Fireproofing and Fire Protection Contractors

Even though the number of fireproofing contractors is relatively small compared to other types of subcontractors, 4,000 companies is still a lot to sort through. And the top companies in fire protection aren’t always easy to find. There are a couple of places you can search.

It takes a couple of hours to search through those lists, so we wanted to save you some time. We came up with our shortlist of top fireproofing contractors—those recognized by ENR as a Top 20 Firm in Fire Protection and Sprinklers, as well as NFCA members with at least 50 employees and a credible online presence

Here’s our list of the 52 top fireproofing and fire protection contractors in the US.

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AAC Contracting

Rochester, NY

Accurate Firestop, Inc.

Pleasanton, CA

Alfred Miller Companies

Lake Charles, LA

Allied Fire & Safety Equipment Co. Inc.

Mesa, AZ

Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing

Marietta, GA

Anning-Johnson Company

Melrose Park, IL

Apex Imaging Services

Pomona, CA

API Group Inc.

New Brighton, MN

Arden Building Co

Pawtucket, RI

Brigade Fire Protection Inc.

Belmont, MI

C. M. Morris Group Inc

Deerfield, WI

California Drywall Co.

San Jose, CA

Cassidy Painting, Inc.

New Castle, DE

Cor-Ray Painting Co.

Santa Fe Springs, CA

DALE Corporation

Glenside, PA

Diversified Thermal

Anaheim, CA

E.M. Duggan Inc.

Canton, MA

Egan Co.

Champlin, MN

Emcor Group Inc.

Norwalk, CT

Endeavor Fire Protection

Boston, MA

Equans U.S. Inc.

Chicopee, MA

FireTron, Inc.

Stafford, TX

Hampshire Fire Protection Co.

Londonderry, NH

Harrison Drywall Inc

San Francisco, CA

Hill Mechanical Corp.

Franklin Park, IL

J. F. Ahern Co.

Fond du Lac, WI

John E. Green Co.

Park, MI


Peabody, MA


Houston, TX

Martin Bros.

Gardena, CA


Seattle, WA

MDU Construction Services Group Inc.

Bismarck, ND

Nettles Construction Solutions

Waller, TX

Nevell Group

Brea, CA

Niehaus Building Services

St Louis, MO

Olympic Companies, Inc.

Minneapolis, MN

Omni Fireproofing Systems

West Chester Township, OH

Palmetto Automatic Sprinkler

West Columbia, SC

Panpacific Mechanical LLC

Fountain Valley, CA

Performance Contracting, Inc. (PCI)

Lenexa, KS

Power Design

Petersburg, FL

RDF Builders Co

Portland, OR

Ritsema Associates

Grand Rapids, MI

Rolling Plains Construction

Apache Junction, AZ

Sentinel Safety & Security Group LLC

Appleton, WI

Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc.

Valencia, CA

The Harver Company

Wilsonville, OR

The Pipco Cos. Ltd.

Peoria, IL

The Raymond Group

Orange, CA

True Fireproofing

Tulsa, OK


Daytona Beach, FL

Wachter Inc.

Lenexa, KS

Zack Painting Company

Edison, NJ

6 Fastest-Growing Fireproofing Contractors

Six of these fireproofing contractors stand out for their impressive growth. According to ENR’s Top 20 Firms in Fire Protection and Sprinklers list, all six grew by at least 35% from 2022 to 2023. 

1. Hampshire Fire Protection Co.

2023 Revenue: $27.8 million

YOY Growth Rate: 139%

Company Size: 51 to 200 employees

Hampshire Fire Protection Co. is New Hampshire’s largest commercial fire protection company. It provides fire sprinkler and alarm system design, installation, inspection, and 24/7/365 service to restaurants, schools, offices, and other institutions. Projects range from $100 to $2.5 million, with a 75/25 split between new installations and retrofits. 

Family-owned and operated, Hampshire Fire Protection was founded in 1978 with nothing but a pickup truck. Today, it operates out of five offices across New Hampshire and Maine. The company takes great care to prepare businesses for the unfortunate occurrence of a fire.  

Learn more on Hampshire Fire Protection’s website

2. API Group Inc.

2023 Revenue: $2.8 billion

YOY Growth Rate: 70%

Company Size: 10,000+ employees

API Group is a global, market-leading safety and specialty services provider comprised of 37 portfolio brands. Fire protection projects fall under American Fire Protection Group, Davis-Ulmer Fire Protection, Premier Fire & Security, Texas Sprinkler, Vipond Inc., and Western States Fire Protection Co. Fireproofing services include emergency fire suppression systems, fire alarm and detection systems, fire pumps, fire sprinkler systems, fire protection systems inspections, remote monitoring and surveillance systems, and temperature scanning. 

By far the biggest fireproofing contractor on the list, API operates 500 locations and employs over 10,000 people worldwide. Leadership development sits at the core of the company's values, as demonstrated by its commitment to giving field leaders everything they need to be successful. 

Learn more on API Group’s website.

3. McKinstry

2023 Revenue: $36 million

YOY Growth Rate: 49%

Company Size: 1,000 to 5,000 employees

McKinstry is a national construction and energy services company. It offers a wide range of services, including fire protection, engineering and design, electrical systems, architectural metals, solar and renewables, and sustainability planning. Regarding fire protection specifically, they design and install specialized fire sprinkler and suppression systems that mitigate the risk of potential fires.

Founded in 1960, this 60+ year leader is dedicated to sustainable innovation that reduces the harm created by the built environment. With 22 offices coast to coast, McKinstry covers the commercial, industrial, multifamily residential, health care, data centers, warehouses, life sciences, and education markets.

Learn more on McKinstry’s website.

4. Palmetto Automatic Sprinkler Company Inc.

2023 Revenue: $54.2 million

YOY Growth Rate: 40%

Company Size: 201 to 500 employees

Palmetto Automatic Sprinkler Company Inc. (PASCO) is a fire suppression company that designs, installs, maintains, inspects, and tests fire sprinkler, suppression, and extinguisher systems. The company has completed more than 3,000 installations across Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

The Mill family founded PASCO in 1975 in West Columbia, South Carolina. Since then, this family-owned business has expanded to Charleston and Atlanta, GA. The company sets the expectation with its customers that systems will be “designed to code, implemented to perfection, and built to save lives and protect your investments.”

Learn more on Palmetto Automatic Sprinkler’s website.

5. E.M. Duggan Inc.

2023 Revenue: $33 million

YOY Growth Rate: 40%

Company Size: 201 to 500 employees

E.M. Duggan Inc. is a fifth-generation, family-owned mechanical engineering company. The firm’s expertise spans beyond fire protection to include plumbing, BIM, design, HVAC, and special projects. It builds fire alarm and sprinkler systems for commercial, education, event venues, hospitality, hospitals, laboratories, multifamily residential, and LEED-certified buildings

Founded in 1891, E.M. Duggan has been providing quality, customer service, and cost-effective work for the last 133 years. Its work can be seen across New England, and it’s known for some of Boston’s largest and most innovative projects. The team at E.M. Duggan takes pride in completing projects on time and right the first time. 

Learn more on E.M. Duggan’s website.

6. Sentinel Safety & Security Group LLC

2023 Revenue: $88 million

YOY Growth Rate: 35%

Company Size: 201 to 500 employees

Sentinel Safety & Security Group is a top fireproofing contractor focused on protecting people and property across the Great Lakes, Midwest, and Southwest regions. It designs, fabricates, installs, and maintains fire protection systems for an array of industries, including big box retail, hospitality, multi-family residential, industrial, manufacturing, food services, healthcare, schools, data centers, and distribution centers.

Sentinel is comprised of three primary subsidiaries—Fireline Sprinkler, Integrity Fire Protection, and Olympic West Fire Protection. These entities deliver a combined 100+ years of experience in commercial fire protection.

Learn more on Sentinel Safety & Security Group’s website.

Lessons from the Fastest-Growing Fireproofing Contractors 

Thirty-five percent growth is impressive for any sized business. It’s even more so for companies that generate tens of millions of dollars in an industry prone to cash flow problems, delayed payment cycles, and diminishing profits. These six contractors have to be doing something right. 

Siteline works with hundreds of subcontractors across various trades. From what we’ve seen, consistent growth typically stems from a few factors: 

  • They’re committed to being the best in their trades. 
  • They care about building strong company cultures. 
  • And they cultivate sound financial health through smart billing strategies and systems. 

Many trade contractors turn to construction billing software like Siteline to ensure healthy, predictable cash flow and shorter billing cycles. It’s changing the pace at which they grow.

If you work for a specialty contractor that’s ready to ramp up your growth, we’d love to show you around Siteline. Schedule a demo today.

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