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Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)
Construction glossary

What is a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)?

A guaranteed maximum price (GMP) is a financial cap used in construction contracts, representing the highest possible price a client can expect to pay for a particular project. This cap encompasses raw materials, labor, indirect costs, and a margin for the contractor’s profit. 

While offering financial predictability and safety to the client, this method can significantly impact subcontractors. To transfer a portion of the financial risk, general contractors (GCs) typically offer subcontractors fixed-price (or lump sum) subcontracts. This setup incentivizes subcontractors to adhere to budgets and timelines, as cost overruns directly affect their profit margins (unless the client was the one who requested changes). Conversely, if the project is completed under budget, subcontractors may benefit by sharing the savings with the GC. Ultimately, GMP contracts foster transparency and collaboration, promoting shared responsibility for project success between all parties involved. 

In GMP contracts where payments are tied to milestones or completion percentages, accurate pay applications—a core feature of Siteline—are crucial to getting paid sooner. Siteline also enables subcontractors to track outstanding balances and monitor their cash flow in real-time, empowering them with insights to proactively manage their financial health—which is paramount in GMP contracts. Ready to take control of your cash flow under GMP contracts? See how Siteline can help by scheduling a demo today.