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case study

Beaty Masonry

Beaty Masonry, the largest masonry contractor in Albuquerque, needed help resolving bottlenecks in its lower-tier lien waiver process, which were placing 75% of its payments on hold. Since implementing Siteline, the company has eliminated all compliance-related holds, reclaimed nearly two days each month, and sped up payments by eight days.
elimination of compliance holds
reduction in A/R aging

The Challenge

Beaty Masonry, a leading masonry contractor in the Southwest since 1989, has built a reputation for excellence. Operating across New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Texas, the company manages an impressive volume of work, with 75 to 80 active projects each month. However, this high level of activity came with a significant challenge: effectively tracking and managing the vast number of lien waivers associated with their projects.

Before Siteline, Beaty relied on a manual, spreadsheet-driven process to handle lien waiver management. The company had a part-time employee dedicated to the task, who spent 20-25 hours each week creating lien waiver forms, sending them to vendors for signatures, and chasing them down for final review and submission. Further complicating this process were each GC's specific requirements for its lien waiver forms.

“We tried so many different things to track lien waivers before Siteline,” said Marianna Herschkorn, CFO at Beaty Masonry. “However, the spreadsheets were all over the place. I was always asking myself, ‘Did our team request it? Did they return it? Did I send it to the client? Did I use the right forms?’ It was a nightmare.”

This inefficient process directly and detrimentally impacted Beaty's collections, with 75% of their payments placed on hold due primarily to missing lien waivers. Addressing this challenge became a top priority for Beaty Masonry as they sought to streamline their lien waiver process and improve their overall financial management. Enter Siteline.

“We tried so many different things to track lien waivers before Siteline. However, the spreadsheets were all over the place... It was a nightmare."
Marianna H.
Beaty Masonry

The Solution

Beaty Masonry's transition to Siteline was remarkably smooth, with the team up and running on the software in two weeks. This rapid onboarding allowed them to benefit quickly from Siteline's lien waiver management capabilities.

The company no longer has to manually create, send, and chase down these critical documents. Siteline digitizes this entire process—generating the appropriate lien waiver forms, collecting digital signatures from vendors, and packaging them all up for seamless, one-click submission to the GCs. Plus, because Siteline centralizes all these documents, the entire team knows exactly where to find them. "With Siteline, it's all right there. No extra steps needed," explained Isabell Beaty, Project Administrator at Beaty Masonry.

As the team became more familiar with Siteline, they started leveraging other features to streamline their billing workflows. For example, Siteline’s Sage integration allows their project administrator to generate, update, and submit pay applications in seconds—a far cry from their old process of manually creating, printing, signing, and scanning.

The team also uses Siteline's billing forecast feature, which has proven incredibly helpful for monitoring collections efforts.

"Before Siteline, we had a lot of compliance holds that delayed our payments. Now we're able to stay ahead of the game, so we can quickly get the money when it's ready."
Marianna H.
Beaty Masonry

The Results

By centralizing Beaty Masonry’s lien waiver tracking and compliance documentation, Siteline has helped the team get paid the money they’re owed much more quickly. Specifically, the company has leveraged Siteline to:

Eliminate compliance holds altogether

Siteline's digitized lien waiver management process has eliminated the compliance holds that previously delayed Beaty's payments. Vendors can now easily complete and sign the required forms electronically, ensuring all documentation is in order without any manual follow-up.

Save 75% of time spent generating pay applications

Beaty now generates, updates, and submits pay applications in a fraction of the time compared to their old manual process. This has shaved off a day and a half of billing work (a 75% time savings overall), time that she’s now been using to focus on more strategic priorities, like improving collections.

Reduce A/R aging by 8 days

By streamlining lien waiver, compliance, and pay application processes, Siteline has helped Beaty Masonry speed up its time to payment by eight days. Plus, instead of manually tracking accounts receivable data in a spreadsheet, the team can now access real-time A/R information within Siteline—a perfect segue into the next benefit.

Improve visibility into financial operations

Siteline's Cash Forecast feature gives the team round-the-clock visibility into their expected payment timelines. It also alerts them to any late or missing payments so they can proactively follow up and resolve the issues.

“I don’t have to wonder if the job is being done anymore—it’s that transparent,” added Herschkorn. “Everyone can see where things stand, the status of every project’s documentation, and communication internally is being tracked, which makes it easier to all stay on the same page.”

“If you are looking to improve your lien waiver, billing, or compliance management, you should really consider Siteline. If you don’t have it yet, you are missing out.”
Isabell B.
Project Administrator
Beaty Masonry

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